Mad Scientist Time Machine Lamp

After being inspired by Mad Scientist lamps on instructables I decided to make one for my Brother in law for Christmas! This started out as a sprinkler timer that was missing some parts so I gutted it and drilled some holes for the lamp sockets. I attached the sockets with a little ring of super glue under the lip then put a zip tie around it on the inside to hold it in place as the glue dried and to make sure they never come out. I'm not an electrician & take no responsibility if you burn something down! But the wiring is real simple. First I wired the black wire to the dimmer switch and the other black dimmer wire to all 6 black wires on the sockets, then the white wire from the plug to the white on the sockets, the ground from the plug & dimmer are grounded to the box. The front was a little plain so I got a knob from an electronics super mart but it wasn't quite enough so I decided to ad an alarm clock making it a time machine. This required a little more wiring so I cut the cord off the clock wiring the common to my whites & the hot to the black wire before the dimmer so it's always on when plugged in. The clock is super glued in behind some clear plastic. So now it's time to turn the key and turn the switch to max power and travel through time!



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