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About: been doing metalwork for 35 years

Mad scientist lamp made from Aluminum .065 sheet. bottom held on with machine screws.  I used a scotch- bright pad '2inch' in a drill press to give the circle pattern.  I just did it random

The lamps are exit tube lamps,  the sockets are sign sockets.  I also have a dimmer slide and a switch so I can go between full on or dimmer mode.
The box was bent on a finger brake, some bends where hand bent.

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    does it chew much power as I know when I had these bulbs growing flowers it wasn't cheap.gr8 job all the same,eye catching

    Very uch creative work.
    please turn it into a instructable.

    This instructable has all the fundamentals.

    Thats cool sure wish i knew how it was wired up how did you mount the sockets ? is the top made of copper or is that just the glow of the lights are the Nameplates made of copper or plastic ?

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    Box is all Aluminum. It is wired in parallel like you would do multiple lamps with a switch in line.
    The glow makes it look that way. really nice glow on low dimmer.
    Name tags are plastic.
    Sockets are held on with screws see new photos, top view.
    Hope this helps.

    Some parts are surplus or take offs from other things, Like I reclaimed the wiring from a old
    dryer for the hook-up wiring. switches from a redo job.
    Aluminum sheet .065 +/- one - 11” x 13.50, one -5” x 19.75
    6 - Hubbell intermediate base sign lamp receptacles
    6- Tube lamps intermediate base 25 watt
    1- Slide dimmer switch
    1- DPST Switch
    1- 6 feet +/- lamp wire with plug 18-2 SPT
    Hook up wire, ie. AWM or MTW 18 AWG , shrink tubing
    20- Pan head 6-32x1/4 inch machine screws for attaching bottom.
    4- Feet, rubber or felt
    1- snap-in cord grip fitting
    Punch for receptacle holes or hole saw .965
    Punch for screw receptacle holes or drill 5/32
    6-32 tap and #36 drill, for taping screws holes, this is for attaching bottom.
    You will need a sheet metal finger box brake to form box.
    It could be done with heavy blocks of steel and large clamps and a table to clamp to.
    Also your basic hand tools, screw driver, file to clean edges, hand drill or press, a hole
    deburing tool is nice.
    # one before you bend is to do the Surface (what every you want). I used a 2 inch 3M
    Scotch-Brite surface conditioning discs Coarse, to do the circle texture.
    I did this in a drill press. see photo, I did a test.
    # two Layout holes and punch holes for the receptacles and switches before bending.
    If you are not knowledgeable on electrical wiring please ask someone to help. not real hard
    but you need to know how to hook it up..
    General knowledge on bending sheet metal will help.
    I had a sign shop make custom switch tags. no/off, dimmer, there plastic, glued on
    This is a learning project for me also, sorry for not having photos of the building process.
    my first instructables.

    Very nice! I have some of these light bulbs sitting around. I think i'll put one together for my radio room. It has that radio tube look to it. Give it a 21 century addition with the led exit light bulbs. They look exactly the same but have a circuit board with leds lined up

    do the powers that be read these comments ?? HELLO we LIKE instructables NOT picture shows... thats a REALLY cool lamp that would look AWESOME in my Haunted House... if only I had an idea how its constructed !

    I agree with everyone else. This is awesome but how did you do it? This is not flickr. It is instructables. I would suggest you join a flickr group if you want to just display your work. There are plenty of them.

    Nice job! Please turn this into an instructable, I REALLY want to make this!

    I totally agree with DarkStarPDX! I want to know how things are MADE, not just a picture. "Instruct" is integral to the name of the site. (And I'm not just referring to anvil_man, it's becoming all too common)

    Hmm... There sure have been a lot of "look what I made" posts and not so many "here's how to make it" posts... This is Instructables, please "instruct" us! :-)

    I LOVE this. PLEASE do a tutorial so someone who is completely intimidated by trying something like this (me) can make one too!

    or you know, just make another one and tell me how much you want for it! ;)

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    No Cheeting Smoochmaroo!

    Another great make, that I would *love* to see as a full I'ble