Made With Phidgets

Phidgets are USB sensors and controllers that can be used to connect computers and technology to the real world. Here are just some cool projects done with Phidgets.

A simple guide for using Max to control Phidgets.
A cool way to use motors and Python to prank your co-workers.
An interactive museum exhibit that maps the course of early explorers.
Got a pool or spa in your home? use Phidgets pH/ORP sensors in this clever setup.
You might know what you want to do... but how do you get the Phidgets working on your Raspberry Pi. Oh wait, here's the answer.
Here are some neat ways that you can use Phidgets!
Need security? Here's how to use Phidgets and Twitter to alert you to security breaches.
Need to monitor the weather in a remote location, use a Phidgets SBC
A pretty simple and practical way to use Phidgets, also quite expandable.
An older project using Phidgets for a pretty huge/fun gun!
I can't imagine a better robot to shake your martini.
How to add computer vision to your Phidgets SBC.
A really cool way of getting the temperature when you wake up.
Made with Phidgets and FlowStone