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Introduction: Made Your Own Selfie Lamp

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Do you like Selfie or take a picture? But, maybe you need a lamp for take a picture at dark room, So this is the solution. You can try to make this, because this stuff is very useful if you take image in dark place. Now i will show you how to make it, not difficult and you can make it under 1 hour!.

Why i'm make this stuff?

I'm make this because i need to use lamp for my smartphone camera and my phone can't turn on the lamp if i record a video, so i make this.

Let's Make It!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools You Will Need


• 4 White LED
• 1 Diode
• A small Momentary switch
• 3.5 audio jack
• Rechargeable button cell battery pack
• A case
• Glue
• Electrical tape


• Soldering iron
• Pliers
• Scissors
• and anything maybe you need

Step 2: The Planning

Before next to hard step, we need to make the plan for this Selfie Lamp, so

• First, i draw the case to paper
• Next, i draw the place for LED, Audio jack, and the momentary switch
• Open the case and i make all of the inside flat, so i cut all the parts inside the case
• After that, we can going to the next step

Step 3: Apply Your Plan to the Case

After you finish planning the case, apply it to your case. Just follow the instructions:

• Make a marks at the case for make hole for LED like your plan
• Take scissors or any tools for make the hole
• Slowly, make a hole on it
• After you finish make the hole, insert the led
• Next, you need to solder the circuits. Ok lets do it!

Step 4: 1 Step Before Soldering Step

Ok, before you ready to solder the circuit, you need to read this first:

The Battery:

• Take your battery,
• Hold the battery like image 2,
• Take your electrical tape and tape it. so it will looks like image 3
• Next, i place 2 wire to the battery and i tape it again.

The Audio Jack:

My first audio jack is to big for the case, so i use a new smaller audio jack. So it will looks better.

Step 5: The Circuit

So this is the circuits:

• The LED is using parallel circuit
• The Positive pole of the LED is going to battery positive and one again is going to Diode and right channel of your audio jack (LED-Battery-Diode-Right channel)
• The negative pole of the LED is going to battery negative and one again is going to Gnd of your audio jack (LED-Battery-Gnd)

Solder it:

• First i'm glue the momantary switch to the case
• Next i'm solder all of the LED and the switch
• After that, i'm solder the battery to the LED and the switch
• Next, solder the diode and the audio jack

After all, you can test to turn on your LED

Step 6: Finishing

To finishing this Selfie Lamp, I'm use this step:

• Glue the battery to the case
• Next, i'm glue the audio jack to the case
• Take another case and glue it
• Wait until dry. This will take time around 5 minutes to glue dry
• Test it before go to the next step
• I use black electrical tape to close hole on the case
• And this Selfie Lamp is finish!!!

Step 7: Finish

1. This selfie lamp is Portable? Yes, you can borrow this Selfie lamp anywhere!
2. How to charge the battery? Insert the Selfie lamp to your phone(make sure the selfie lamp is connected as headphone to your phone), next turn on music on your phone and make the volume is full. It takes 3-10 minutes music to make the battery full.
3. It bright? Yes, This selfie light is bright!. You can look image 4, 5, & 6
4. how many times this Selfie lamp can turn on? In my case, this can turn on around 20 minutes before the battery is off

All finish!. Thanks for look my works. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and vote me :)

Sorry for my English


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