Made a Puff Cushion Without a Sewing Machine




Introduction: Made a Puff Cushion Without a Sewing Machine

Made a Puff cushion without a sewing machine

Step 1: Prepare

First prepared materials, a pair of scissors, a ball of string, a ruler, and some small pieces of cloth cut

Step 2: Sew the Cloth Into Small Pieces, Stuffed Cotton

Sew the cloth into small pieces, stuffed cotton

Step 3: Good Arrangement of These Pieces

Good arrangement of these pieces

Step 4: Sew These Pieces Together

Sew these pieces together

Step 5: The Back Is This

The back is this

Step 6: Done




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    The technique is called biscuit quilting. Here's a good link for it:

    Ditto - I'm an experienced quilter and that flew right over my head. Please provide more detail - more intermediate steps with pics.

    Well, at least I learned about something new: I never knew about "puff quilting" Thanks KOLOWINTER for the additional link! I was originally drawn to the design and the combo of fabrics for the same reasons as KOLO and others, but was/am still confused, and even now I think I know that I will not be the person to have the patience to make something that appears to be this small by hand... too tedious. One more question: what is the framing device for? or is that just an extended and reinforced backing?

    Yeah, A little more details? Maybe, How big are the cloth pieces? What size are the puff/things when finished sewing?

    I like the idea but i cant make of instructions. It flew right over my head. Must have given details to understand easily!

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    I agree totally. I work in a fabric shop and remembered seeing this technique at one time. Did a simple google search and found: I've always loved projects that start 2-D and end up with dimension.

    It's cute as a poot, but not sure exactly what you did, and I've been sewing and crafting for lots of years. I'm sure I could figure it out, but the idea of the contest is to do something, and show it, and I think, the instructions would be helpful, especially if you think you have a chance of winning. Try againto explain the instructions. So far as what I've seen, it looks better than most of the other entries, but you need to improve on the mechanics part, now that you have millions of peoples (maybe) attention. Good Luck, Honey.

    What size blocks is your material cut into? Do you leave extra fabric, around the edges, in order to sew them together? what did you stuff them with? What did you use to sew them together with? You mentioned a ball of string. What type of string? Regular sewing thread or something heavier? Did you use a regular sewing needle or something heavier? Did you use quilt binding, around the edges, or just regular fabric?