Made a Radar Station by Using Arduino | Do It Yourself Project

Introduction: Made a Radar Station by Using Arduino | Do It Yourself Project

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"The theme of this project is to detect objects in space or ground for surveillance purposes. Whenever an object is detected by ultrasonic sensors, it will make an alert sound and will display distance and angle of the targeted object right on your Computer screen."

Novelty in this project:

Used two Ultrasonic Sensors at the same time to cover the whole area (360 Degrees).

Successfully added a Real-time Target Alert sound.

New Model has been Designed

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Step 1: ​Components and Softwares Needed for This Arduino Project:

Two Ultrasonic sensor HC- SR04

One Servo MotorArduino Board ( Uno, pro, nano, mega )

Wire Board

Jumper Wires


Wood stick

Arduino IDE ( software )

Processing ( Software )

Step 2: Building the Device:

Watch the Video

Step 3: Circuit Schematics:

As you people can see that I have connected Trigger pins of the two attached Ultrasonic Sensors to the Pin No 10 of the Arduino Uno Board. Echo Pins of the Distance sensors have been connected to the pin No 11 of the Arduino Board. Connect Control wire (yellow) of the Servomotor to the Pin No 12 of the Arduino Board.

External Power for Arduino:

As we can see that this project is truly based on serial communication between Arduino IDE and Processing Code software. For serial communication, we will connect our Arduino Board to the PC through USB cable. Yes everyone knows that we can give power to our Arduino Board directly from the PC through the USB cable without using external power supply. This is perfect but in this case, you are using servo motor and of course, it will require more current to operate accurately. First, you need to Turn on your Arduino board by using your pc but if you found that the movement of the servo motor is slow or laggy or irregular then use external power supply to the jack of the Arduino or Vin pin (Do not unplug USB cable). I am going to clear one thing, many students and hobbyists are still confused and think that their Arduino board will blow away if they use the External power supply at the same time when Arduino board is connected to the pc through USB cable. This statement is totally wrong, you can give power to the Arduino board by using both sources at the same time and Arduino board is intelligent device it will choose the best input power having more current as compared to the other one.

Step 4: Source Code:

Before going to get a copy of a source code for this project, first, you need to Download a Processing Code development software . Processing Code development Software is a free and open source programming tool, everyone can download and use it for free for their projects and research related to computer science or Electrical and Electronic Engineering. From past few years, Processing interface with Arduino is a hot topic in the technology domain. Processing software helps us to show our serial data in a real-time right on our PC screen with different graphics simulations. In this Project, Processing Software will receive data from the two Ultrasonic Sensors with the help of serial communication. A radar Graphical Simulation will appear on your screen to display Distance and angle of the target.

Visit Our Website to Download Code For Processing Including a Sketch Folder + Code For Arduino IDE

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