Made at Techshop - Flickering LED Laser-Cut Halloween Badge
For this project, you will need:

-Flickering Yellow LEDs  (from ebay  LINK)

-CR 2032  3V battery

-CR 2032 Battery Holder

-33Ohm for 56Ohm Resistor (if using a 3v coin cell)

-Self-Adhesive badge pin backs (got mine from Hobby Lobby)

-1/4" plywood

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Step 1: Laser Cut the Badge

-Using the CorelDraw file provided, or PDF file, laser cut the badge pattern

-Drill two small holes at the top or bottom of the badge  0.1 inches apart for the LED leads

-Install the LED in the holes

-Bend the leads flat with the back of the badge

Step 2: Wire the LED

-Solder the resistor to the LONG lead (Anode) of the LED

-Connect the resistor to the positive battery terminal

-Connect the other LED lead (short lead) to the negative battery terminal

-Use hot melt glue to assure that the positive and negative leads do not touch.

-Use CA glue to attach the battery holder to the back of the badge

-Attach the pin back to the badge - remove the film from the self-adhesive strip first.

-Install the CR2032 battery and enjoy the flickering light!

NOTE: the second photo above shows a badge with TWO LED's installed; one at the top and one at the bottom to illuminate the name.   In this case, two resistors are required, one for each LED.  Each resistor connects to the positive battery terminal and goes to the Long  Lead (Anode) of the LED.   This creates a very cool flickering effect.

-Great for kids

Step 3: Double Flickering LED
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