Made From Rubbish to Collect Rubbish..




Introduction: Made From Rubbish to Collect Rubbish..

My 11yr old son and I go out once a month to the local shops. On our way back we collect empty drink cans which are thrown all over.. I collect them to melt on my homemade smelter/foundry/forge( Work/build in progress) into ingots for future projects.. We have  so far in the last 4 trips out collected several bin bags full. I am Disabled and have trouble bending down so I made this to make life easier................

Step 1: Materials

I used an old pole from under a single bed (these were instead of wooden slats), 4 Bike wheel spokes and a piece of wood dowling. Tools were 1 x 4mm metal drill bit, 1 Saw, Metal File, A Hammer, Mole Grips and a Punch.. Oh yeah my mini-drill with a diamond cutting disc.

Step 2: Prepare Pole

  PLEASE WEAR EYE PROTECTION WHEN USING POWER TOOLS.....  First you have to remove the plastic bung,Bent wire/spring and shield/sheath.. Then mark four dots about 1"(25mm) in from the end around the pole... Get a punch and tap on each dot(makes it easier for drilling).. Using the 4mm drill bit drill each of the dots..  Use your file and clean all the holes and inside the pole to remove any burrs..

Step 3: Prepare the Spokes

Get the 4 spokes and level the ends.. Place in vice... mark 4"(100mm) and cut spokes..(at threaded end).. Hammer cut end til flat...Then using mini-drill cut a groove into flat end as seen in photograph.. repeat until all 4 are done... This makes a 'Barb'...

Step 4: Assembly

Holding pipe with holes FACING DOWNWARDS insert the spokes inside with the 'Nipple' through the hole.... Cut a piece of dowl (approx 1.5"(32mm)) place between the spokes and hammer home....

Step 5: Finishing Touch

 Just to finish it off get some nylon string (doesn't rot). Thread it through the top end holes(where you removed the bung etc..) tie a simple knot... 1 Simple wrist strap... I like to melt the nylon and fuse it around the knot to stop it coming untied.. BE CAREFUL PLASTIC BURNS AND STICKS TO YOU WHILST ITS BURNING YOU... 

Step 6: The Finished Article

Test compleated.................... My 3 pronged can collecter is ready to go.................

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like the addition of the barb..great way to recycle so you can recycle !


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks.... I first made these barbed spokes when i was young. My mates and i used to go camping as kids(12-15) and we made these to fish for Trout. Just attached them to a stick and go spear fishing.....