Made With Love


Introduction: Made With Love

Knitted, felted and needle felted purses. All done by hand, needle felting was free form.



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    hi! I love these all! Can you explain how you made them? Especially the 2nd one? Thanks!

    wow, those are amazing! the freehand needle felting is very impressive. I'm just starting to learn how to needle felt so I can add embellishments to my felted purses, but I was thinking of little designs, I could never imagine someone could get such realism from it!

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    Thanks Kendralc. Like I said it's done with a lot of love. I've set it aside, but I'm started another one done in a butter yellow that will be felted and then I'll be needle felting a cartoonish macaw on it!! But right now I have other priorities in knitting. Thank you again for the compliment.

    Nice job, the first one looks very fuzzy, the 2nd one looks really cool too.