Magic Ball for Knit or Crochet

Introduction: Magic Ball for Knit or Crochet

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When it comes time to weave ends, more is more! You want a nice long tail to ensure you can weave it in well, and some projects will always leave you with a long piece cut off.

Rather than throwing these away, make then into a magic ball! It's so easy a tutorial is barely necessary.

Step 1: Get Your Snippy Ends

My example ball was formed from ends I got making a Christmas present so the majority of the ends are from the same colors. Sometimes you want your ball more wild. Generally the longer you collect ends before making your strand the more colorful it can be because your done more projects. But it's more trouble to do more ends at once. So however you want to do things, there's good and bad. I have a little handful of snippys to demonstrate.

Step 2: Start Tying.

A square knot is the best knot IME. It's strong and doesn't come untied too easily, especially if you can stand to leave a bit at the short ends. Make sure your knot looks like mine.

Now snip leaving a bit of 'fluff' at each end. Or you can snip them very close and take a slim chance of the knot coming undone. I took a pic of both options.

Step 3: Roll Your Ball

Once all ends are together and you have one long strand, wind it into a ball. If you are adding to an existing magic ball, just tie it on.

Your finished ball can be used for many things as it "grows". I like to make dishrags because all those knots add scrubbing power. But I've made a purse in the past, and if you're a busy crafter and save religiously, you could even make a magic blanket!

DISCLAIMER: Author of tutorial does not guarantee any magical ability if magic ball is used for item. But I don't deny it either...

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