Magic Clock

Introduction: Magic Clock


I am going to make Orlando Magic Clock. MY clock is going to have logo of Orlando Magic Basketball team and it will have a schedule of Magic`s matches. It will shows you when and what time are the nearest matches. I decided to make this clock actually because ia used to have a lots of problems with remembering when is the match of my favorite team.

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Step 1: Step 1: Deigning Your Work.

For the design I decided to use a photo to show how my ideas were developing. Also if you think that one of this ideas is better than my final design. It is not needed that your clock have to look the same as mine, you can also just inspire to my idea.

Firstly I was thinking about doing a circular clock that will have a place where it will be possible to insert the schedule. Secondly I thought about taking a card like A4 and attaching it to the schedule of my favorite team's clock and logo. Thirdly I decided to use laser engrave laminate and make it with basketball court dimensions and then glue in one half schedule with their matches and in the second half glue the Orlando magic logo.

Step 2: My Final Idea!

In my final idea I decided to make big inscription "Magic" in the top and make this schedule in the bottom. Also I decided to put clock and clock mechanism in the middle and to draw three point and line basketball house to make it look like basketball court. Furthermore i made it with

Step 3: Finished Version

I finally finished my clock!

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