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I wanted to put a light inside my wife's clothes closet.

I didn't want to put in a regular light bulb & socket,as this would require a bulb, which gets warm, a switch which could get left on. I didn't want to have a warm bulb in tight quarters with flammable clothing. I also only wanted low voltage DC as this is safer and runs very cool.

The lights turn on soon as the doors are opened.

The strip lighting give very good light coverage through the closet.

So this is what I came up with.

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Step 1:

Attach strip lighting on the inside of the closet wall.

Run a complete strip starting from the bottom of one side, over the top and back down the other side .

Step 2: Switch Installation

Locate and fasten the switch so when the door closes it presses on the switch.

Step 3: Soldering the Wires

The Lighting strip has a Positive terminal & a Negative terminal. And so does the DC Adapter.

Make sure you attach properly or you can burn out the LED strip.

Solder the negative wire from the adapter to the negative terminal end of the light strip.

Run a wire pair connected from the switch and solder one wire to the POSITIVE side of the light strip.

Solder and tape the two remaining ends of the wires together to complete the circuit.

Step 4: Completed

When all is done, you should have a very nicely lit closet with the coolness of just opening the door to turn on the light.

Low cost, easy project.

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    17 days ago

    It made my wife happy. So it is a winner to me!


    22 days ago

    Nice and simple. The best kind of project! : )

    1 reply

    Reply 21 days ago

    Thanks...and the other benefit is happy wife, happy life.