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It's a magic wallet, made out of duct tape. The magic wallet has been done before, but I decided to make one, dirt cheap. This should last a while, and if it gets destroyed, just take another fifteen minutes and make another one.

The story behind it...
Well, I was watching QVC, and I saw that they were selling "magic wallets" for 20 dollars for a set of two. I thought, OMG, who in their right mind would pay that much for something that they can make with stuff around their house?? So, I decided to make one, on the cheap, with stuff in my bedroom. And I came up with this.

There is a magic wallet instructable out there already, and it is good, if you know how to sew.

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Step 1: Crap You Need

Don't need much, you need:
-Duct Tape (for colors, go to Wal-Mart, they have every color imaginable)
-Stiff Cardboard (I used an old Converse shoebox)
-Altoid tin (trace this for wallet shape)
- You don't need an altoid box specifically, you could use a playing card, or anything wallet shaped that will fit cards into it.

Step 2: Cut Your Cardboard

You need to trace the Altoid tin (the top, it's bigger), onto cardboard twice, then cut it out.

Step 3: Cover Cardboard With Duct Tape

Cover each side of both pieces of cardboard with duct tape. Then trim the excess off of the sides.
Sure, the wallet is not 100 percent duct tape, but if you don't use cardboard, it will be flimsy, and not work so well.

Step 4: Create Straps

Put two pieces of foot long duct tape on top of each other to create one big strap.
Then cut the big one in half, hotdog style.
Then take the two strips, and cut them both hotdog style again to get four straps.

Step 5: Attach Straps

You need to take two strips and attach them horizontally on one of the "cards". If you are using an Altoid tin, put them between one and two centimeters from the top and bottom. then secure with a piece of tape. If you are not using an Altoid tin, make sure that a dollar bill's height is longer than the space inbetween the straps.

Then, flip over the card so that the straps are on the left, under the card. As in picture three.

Next, fold the straps over the card, so that they go right. As in picture four.

Place the other card on top, so that the straps are sandwiched between the two cards. Then trim the straps so that they are one to two centimeters away from the edge.

Last, use a piece of tape to attach the strap ends to the back of the card on top.

Step 6: Attach Straps Part Deux

Now you need to attach the two other straps.

Open the two cards and put the straps on the bottom card, in X formation. The two ends on the left need to go through the straps, as in picture one. Then place the top card on the bottom card again.

Trim the ends so that the straps are, once again, one centimeter away from the edges.

Make sure that the x straps do not overlap the horizontal straps, and that they are inbetween the horizontal straps.

Then tape the ends to the back of the cards. For the right side, tape the ends to the back card. For the left side, tape the ends to the front.

Step 7: Check Your Wallet

Get a dollar, and open up your wallet, and put it in, and close the wallet.

Then open it from the other side.

Then close it, and open it again from the side you started with.

Step 8: Add Pockets

If you want pockets for your ID, credit card, etc. you need to put about three inches of tape sticky side up on your wallet. then put another three inch strip on top of it, also sticky side up, so that you have a wide piece of tape. make sure it is wider than your card. then put some tape face down on it to cover the sticky stuff, and you have a pocket.

You can make as many pockets as you want, on the front and on the back.

Step 9: Hooray!!

You've now completed your geek wallet. Rejoice!!

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3 years ago

What do you do with the very slight amount of glue creeping out at the edge? It will pick up all kind of dust and dirt.


3 years ago

really smart! I'm not the best at sewing, so I'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad I found this.:D


3 years ago

Nice project! Very useful!


3 years ago

this is better than my old duct tape wallet and skinnier than my leather wallet which keeps getting wet


3 years ago

That is so cute!


4 years ago on Introduction

This was a really awesome project. I made one with my little sisters fave duct tape and she really likes it. One thing that will be good to know: The off brand duct tape is narrower than a card. It really is. So I had to make a few adjustments. But that's fine. Btw I love Doctor Who, if that is what your name is off of.


4 years ago on Introduction

I have tried to make many wallets out of duct tape, but I'm never patient enough to finish. It looks soooo easy!

jacob su

4 years ago on Introduction

wow, i am Chinese duct tape manufacturer, I can offer you this kind of duct tape, my skype is jacobsuwei and whatsapp is +86 132 0390 9303


4 years ago on Introduction

can make fancy mobile covers for mobile phones using duct tape??? pls post :)


6 years ago on Step 6

O_o I've seen duct tape wallets, but this one is just MATH-MATICAL!!!! (I LUV adventure time!)


6 years ago on Step 3

I found out some small phones (Like my Samsung Flight II) work fro a nice pattern, if not too rounded.