Magic Eyes

Introduction: Magic Eyes

About: Student at Jamia Millia Islamia

I wanted to make a project using 8x8 LED matrix without the help of MAX7219 and without adding any of the libraries because they make project costly and difficult to understand the basics.

So, I created Magic Eyes - a fun project which act as kind of humans. When something comes very close to us, our eyes closes on its on because of stimuli. I have done the same thing with my project. I wanted it to be different, cheap and playful. If you use Max7219 circuit with it, it will be cost you around {2*(AU $5.54)}, while if you use only led matrix, it will cost around {2*(AU $0.8)}. I don't want to add any libraries because from them, we can't understand the code.Magi Eyes

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Step 1: Material Required

Step 2: Circuit Design

Step 3: Placement

Place it near anyone in the darkness like in Halloween and take them down using these unknown eyes.

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