Magic for Kids: Appearing Magic Wand

Introduction: Magic for Kids: Appearing Magic Wand


Dear parents please (1) read and explain the trick to your pre-school children, (2) utility knife may be dangerous for children, please help them cutting the straw.


To make:
Drinking straws and Utility knife

To perform:
Various small boxes or cups

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Step 1: MAKE: Cutting

Cut the straw longitudinally to form a strip. For a perfect straight cut, place the straw onto the table while cutting.

Step 2: MAKE: Rolling

Roll the strip completely to form a small and tight cylinder. This step may be difficult as the straw will tend to keep its original shape. It behaves like a coil spring and opens rapidly when released.

Step 3: MAKE: Secure

You can use elastic bands or sticky tape to secure the rolls. However, rolls will loose the opening tendency in minutes. Therefore, dont pass more than 10 minutes, between preperation and performance.


The trick may be performed with any kind of small boxes, cups, envelopes etc. Matchboxes and film boxes are ideal.

Place the roll in the small box and close the cover. Tell a little story and spell magical words and quickly make the magical bar (straw) appear.

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