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It's been a long time since I've wanted to make a wand with something truly "magical"...

So I created a wand mixing multiple tecniques I used or learned doing my projects. I pictured something liquid with a mystery feel to it... and also something which would glow in the dark... not an easy thing to do...

After a few weeks thinking about it and tinkering with the idea, here's the result :)


- A piece of wood for the handle ( I used an old, thin pestle I found in a second hand store).

- Plastic tube with a plastic stopper (a cap)

- Cotton

- Glass paint or food coloring

- Glow in the dark paint ( I use Divermagic)

- White glitter

- Black Paint

- Alcohol


- Glue glitter

- Small transparent stones

- Thin chain

- A Pentagram charm


- A Funnel

- Hot Glue Gun + Black glue stick

- Universal Glue (to glue the stopper to the plastic tube)

- Pliers (to cut the chain)

- Stick / Wire (to push the cotton into the plastic tube)

- A Brush

Step 1:

First, you need to prepare the plastic tube. You will need:

- Food Coloring or glass paint

- Glowing in the dark paint

- Alcohol

- White Glitter

- Cotton

I started with a drop of glowing in the dark paint because I wanted the wand's end to shine. If you want to achieve this effect, you can start this way too. Then add some drops of food coloring and a little piece of cotton. The cotton will help pushing the glow in the dark paint into the tube's end (because it sticks to the tube walls). Add some drops of paint to the tube. When the cotton is soaked with paint, add some alcohol drops. This will create different color shades.

Now, add some glitter. Be generous but don't fill the tube.

Repeat these steps until the tube is filled up. The order of the materials is up to you, it depends on the kind of effect you want to get.

REMEMBER TO LEAVE SOME SPACE FOR THE STOPPER. When the tube is almost full, add some drops of universal glue to seal it.


I added the glowing in the dark paint after the cotton. In doing this I prevented the paint from mixing with the food coloring. If the glowing in the dark paint gets too liquid, it won't glow at all.

To add the food colouring and the alcohol you can use a funnel.

I suggest to use a DRY funnel to prevent the glitter from sticking to it. You can also make one out of paper.

End the whole process with some cotton. It will help to seal the tube even better.

PS: In the pictures there is some red colouring... I made several tubes, but I finally chose the blue one.

Step 2:

The result will look something like this.

Add some universal glue all around the stopper to seal it properly. The stopper itself will be hidden under hot glue.

The food coloring may dye your hands. You probably will look like a smurf during the following hours... if this is a problem for you (it wasn't for me :p) you can use a pair of gloves.

Step 3:

Paint the handle with acrylic paint and let it dry.

Thinking about the wizarding contest (vote for me... wink wink) , I went to a second hand store looking for "wand handles". I bought two old wood spoons, a wood stick and a pestle (you can imagine the face of the saleswoman...). I chose the pestle it to make this project because of its peculiar shape. But you can also cut your handle out of a wood stick to make it more personal.

Step 4:

Now, you can decorate it however you want. I made my plastic tube using several blue shades, so I decided to use some blue glitter to decorate it.

To do that, take a tube of glue glitter and decorate the handle the handle as you see fit. If the glitter is too liquid, you will probably need to turn the handle around to prevent the glitter from spreading uncontrollably. Once the glitter is stabilised, let it dry.

Step 5:

Take the handle and the plastic tube. Glue the tube on the handle with the hot glue gun and a black glue stick. I added some more glue to decorate it and also to hide the tube stopper.

I added some glue glitter between the handle and the hot glue and between the hot glue and the tube. But the finishing touches are entirely up to you.

Step 6:

Time to decorate. I used a chain and a charm. I glued the chain with a few small hot glue drops.

Then I took the charm and I broke the small ring it had (which is usually used to attach a string to it). I kept only the pentagram. Then, I glued it to the wand with some universal glue. Finally, I added some transparent glue onto the chains and onto the charm to make sure they wouldn't fall.

I also glued a few transparent stones all around the black glue which holds the tube and the pestle together. I glued them with some universal glue.

Step 7:

And voilà! You have a magic wand that looks magic... and which is actually magic if you turn down the lights!!! It glows in the dark!

If you like this project, please, vote for it in the Wizarding Contest! Thanks! :)

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Don't mean to be a spoil sport or a downer or anything, but you put the Satan symbol on it, and that's kinda distressing!

    It's an awesome idea though, the whole wand thing, but maybe a little less pentagrams?


    Reply 4 years ago

    The Pentagram is not a Satanist symbol, since its origin's from pagan religions. Satan is an image created by monotheist religions such as Christianism, Islamism and others. Therefore, the pentagram will never represent evil or Satan unless it becomes westernized.

    What it does represent is the balance between one's Spirit and the four elements that surround us; Air, Fire, Water and Earth. There are even some mentions in western culture that claimed it a protective symbol against diseases.

    Unfortunately, the Pentagram has become one of the most stigmatized emblems due to TV and Hollywood, and our gullible society.



    Reply 4 years ago

    Exactly, impossible to explain it better. Thanks for the comment, it's very useful :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Well, there are all sorts of beliefs and all sorts of religions. Some may find some things offensive or distressing, some others may not. It's all a matter of personal choices, beliefs –or lack thereof.

    This symbol does have many different meanings, depending on what source(s) you look up. I personally like how it looks and some of the values it suggests. If you don't like the pentagram, you can use another symbol instead - or none at all.


    4 years ago

    Gorgeous! And I voted for you, good luck!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hey, thank you very much! Glad u like it and thanks a lot for voting me :)