Magic Magnetic Curtains




Introduction: Magic Magnetic Curtains

Need: Tri folding curtain for patio door window

Solution: Sew magnets into side wall of curtain at equal 1/3 lengths


Fabric (thinner fabric is better to fold)
sewing needle
6 flat circular magnets (strong enough to attract through the fabric)

How To:

1) Measure length and width of window, cut 2 pieces of fabric add 6 inches to each side equally.
2) fold over sides and sew in magnets to top, middle and bottom at equal lengths, sew top and bottom.
3) Leave room at top for curtain bar, sew both sides to each other.
4) Fold and enjoy the sunshine.

Thanks for reading.



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    4 Discussions

    It's magic as in when you look at them it doesn't look like anything is holding them up. lol And video I'll see what I can put together this week for ya.