Magic Mate : Tracker Gprs Hide Camera and Androids. Protect Your Lives,our Love Family

Magic Mate : tracker gprs hide camera and androids. Protect your lives,our love family ... Link


Just like you have the magic and ubiquitous can know position,see and hear event from anywhere anytime you want.

Magic mate is used the newest technology, which has the advantages of small and send back accurate position or event picture,clear voice, long standby duration by solar panel, simple operation, stable performance, easy installation and so on.

Moreover, Magic mate will take video/audio record or both for imputation with evidence.

In the future we think it will widely used for home monitoring; children, the elder, pets' care, monitoring; car, warehouse security,tracking etc.

Authorized mobile number can use the device ID and password in the authorization message to login the platform. Can query machine position, electric quantity inquiry, path query, missing message, electronic fence, adding equipment etc.

Also, users can easy download and install Magic mate application to android phones or iphone(future).


1. Realtime Remote Listening In call user automatically

2. Realtime Picture Returns for taking picture and send back to user via MMS

3. Remote Control Camera for start/stop video recording

4. Audio Recording

5. Auto Remind User

when the around voice is over 30dB, auto call user

when the around voice is over 30dB, auto send message to user

6. The voice sensitivity can be adjusted by instruction

7. Micro SD card support up 32Gb



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