Magic Money Maker, Revealed!




Introduction: Magic Money Maker, Revealed!

This is an old trick, but a really cool one. This video will show you the trick and explain how to make your own. Super easy and Fun!



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    22 Discussions

    could you make it so it is not a video

    Jay! haha i will make one.Ive always loved to play around with magic tricks and do a few for friends.

    I have the "real" version of it (I mean, sold in magic stores, wood, rubber rollers, etc, not really a money machine) and it's pretty close.

    Now if I could only find out how the ultimate version works (you assemble it in front of the audience, one roller at a time)

    I guess one could use this as a money storage device. I think I'd make this just so people stop borrowing my money...without asking haha

     oooo yah , thanks man, realy nice joke to make . Thanks !