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For those of you who want to magicians but can't :D here ya go or you can just make this for fun :)

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Step 1: Let Us Begin!

Begin with a half of a square, if colored start with color down.
Begin with the long sides at top and bottom. Fold the left side up to lie along the top edge of your paper. Fold the right side down to lie along the bottom edge.

Step 2: 2nd Step

Fold the sharp point at the top left down to touch the bottom of the vertical centerline.

Step 3: 3rd Step

Flip the small triangle on the left to right, folding along the vertical gap.

Step 4: 4th Step

Squeeze the smaller, top triangle slightly, causing the double folded edge to become a pocket. Insert the bottom right point into the pocket and slide it in as far as it will go. Crease

Step 5: Finished!

How to do the trick, fold a one dollar bill into one pocket secretly. Then, ask someone for a higher value bill 5,10,0,50,100. After that stick that one into the other pocket start turning the creation and grab the one from the other pocket and there ya go you did it :) Thanks for readin and doing my creation plz comment!!!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Another thing I should do to my bro! But, for one of the higher amount of bills, one of them says 0.