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Introduction: Magic Radio

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I use an old smartphone , two speakers and a sub-woofer as a radio in my workshop. But there are so many cables so I decided to build a tiny house for it. It was inspired by "The Burrrow", the family home of the Weasleys from the Harry Potter films.

Step 1: The Base

I glued 3 pieces of scrap wood together

and saw it in shape

Step 2: The Towers

I drilled some holes in a piece of wood to make a channel for the cable of the subwoofer.

Then I screwed this piece on the base as the small tower and a bigger one as the tall tower.

Step 3: The Walls

For the walls, I cut many thin pieces on the table saw.

With a scroll saw I cut it in length, but not very exactly!

It becomes accurate with the band sander.

Step 4: The Roof Structure

The Roof structure has inevitably result from the dimensions of the subwoofer and the height of the socket Panel.

I made it with half lap joints.

Step 5: Glue Tips

When ever it is possible to use a clamp I prefer express wood glue (it needs only 5 min. to dry and it is very strong). For other parts, especially for the roof shingles, I used hot glue.

Step 6: Glue One Part to the Next

The next steps are always the same.

Cut a piece, sand it and glue it on. It is just like Lego.

It is not necessary to know what you do, just try it

And the best part, it doesn't matter to be exact! It is a magic house, everything is crooked.

Step 7: The Windows

For the windows I used black paper and balsawood (2mm thick).

The advantage using black paper is, nobody will see a mistake when you later paint the wood.

Balsawood is awesome! You can cut it in strips easier than paper. And it sticks perfect with wood glue.

The trick is:

Glue a strip of balsawood on the paper.

Glue a second strip parallel to the first ( depending how width your window should be)
It need not be exact parallel. You know it's a magic house!

You don't need to cut the cross strips in length and handle all these tiny parts!

Cover a long strip with glue, lay it cross over your length strips and then cut it with a sharp knife in position. This will push the piece down and it glues on immediately in the right position.

Step 8: The Secret Button

The ON/OFF button is hidden behind a door. If you push the door, the button will be pushed.

But hinges are not necessary. It is enough to use nails and holes that are a touch larger

Step 9: The Volume Control

I made a wooden round button with my band sander and my drill and glued it on the plastic button with hot glue

If you want to know exactly how it works watch my video "woodturnig without lathe"

Step 10: The Roof Shingles

The roof shingles are made from veneer strips.

I just broke them over a wooden block and glued them with hot glue.

I cut the overhang with a pair of scissors.

Step 11: Painting

I painted all with water stain.

The advantage: it doesn't smell. You can use it indoor without wearing a mask, you can use wood glue after the pieces are painted and you can clean your brush only with water.

For big parts I use a sponge and for small parts a brush

Step 12: The Result

Instead of thousand words, please watch the video

If you use a mobile device, use this link.

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    44 Discussions

    I am a very big fan of everything Harry Potter this is amazing!

    Very cool, I love it.

    I love it. Such an unexpected way to make a sound system!

    An amazing project, well done. I'm surprised that no-one has asked if it plays Celestina Warbeck on Christmas Day ?


    2 years ago

    I love it :-)

    I while back I bought one of those Bluetooth tower radios for my iPad/iPhone I love it but yep it's boring to look at :-) I think I will deconstruct it and rebuild it into something that the fairies will love :-)

    Thank you for such a great idea :-)

    1 reply

    Where is the link for the mobile app? Your link takes you to the youtube video which as far as I can tell has a link for everything but the mobile app.

    1 reply

    Sorry for the wrong comment. I changed the text and hope it is clear now.

    Very cool.

    My question... how did you make a radio out of an old smartphone?

    1 reply

    Thank you. My old smartphone is connected to the internet via WIFI. I use an app called TuneIn. With this app I can receive more than hundreds radio programms.

    Thank you! The veneer was ash-tree, and yes it's very rustic

    Very impressive piece of work: I don't understand what 'veneer' you mean for the roof-tiles. They look admirably uneven and rustic, but veneers are usually clean cut

    Love it, and not just because my wife, mezcraft, did a Burrows in gingerbread a few years back! Yours looks great and will last a lot longer... though probably doesn't taste as good. ?

    2 replies

    Thank you! I know the awesome work of your wife and I love it. But did you really eat it?

    Well, yeah! That's part of the joy of Gingerbread Houses. ;)