Magic Revealed: Cell Phone Ghost Revealed!





Introduction: Magic Revealed: Cell Phone Ghost Revealed!

Make a ghost appear and move on anyones cell phone camera. Record it or take a picture to prove it's real! This effect that allows you to use a borrowed portable electron... More»ics device to create a digital seance that can be saved as photo or movie. It's easy to perform and works with most camera phones



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    I'm an amateur magician, too, but something we're going to have all realize is that magic tricks work on the principle of inaccessibility to certain information, and that's just not possible on the internet. Charging $50 to teach someone a trick and then getting mad that someone posted it on youtube is just naive, and bad business practice. Magic is secrets, and there are no secrets on the internet. If your business revolves around magic supplies, you need to package it with something other than a secret. Those days are over.

    why explain it? the original maker (Andrew Mayne) might lose a lot of money for this (why should I care) but I paid a lot of money for this too, and all of my friends are instructables members (actually, some of them joined just to vote for one of my instructions) well, at least you're not asking money for the revelation like that guy who explained Steve Fearsons Floating Cigarette on youtube (what's the use, he's asking 4 dollars, the creator's asking 5 dollars)

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    Agreed, Please do not post magic unless it is an old trick that has been around for a while (no rights associated with it), or an original concept that you personally came up with. This is someone else's work and you do not have the right to freely distribute it. I am an amateur magician, but I know one of the foremost mentalists (Kenton Knepper). Magic piracy is making it harder for him, and other magicians, to earn a living off of their ideas and he recently had to completely change his publishing practices as a result. The first rule of magic is to never reveal the secret. Please respect magic by not posting other's work.

    Hadn't heard of this trick before, but if I had seen it, i would have realised how it was done. I actually could tell as you were explaining this. But anyways, nice instructable.

    Nice instructable, can't wait to frighten my friends:)!!

    Bravo, toi aussi tu pirates la propriété intellectuelle! Et le copyright! thief of idea! bilbo_saph