Magic Science - Egg Trick

Introduction: Magic Science - Egg Trick

Hi all,
I think all of us incountered the problem of inserting a boiled egg into an erlenmeyer flask - it just doesnt fit in the bottle neck.
This instructable will show you how to get that egg inside using a little magic science :) 

For those of you who dont have the patience to read the entire instructable, here is a video that shows the magic. 


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Step 1: Egg Preperation

Things you need for this step:
1. Eggs
2. water
3. stove
4. small metal coffee pot

1. Place the eggs inside the small metal cofee pot.
2. Pour water into the pot (water level should be about 1.5 inch above the eggs)
3. Place the pot on the stove and use medium heat for 15 minutes.
4.This is an important step - if you mess this one up then it can effect the whole thing. After 15 minutes, take the pot off the stove and immidiatly pour the hot water down the drain. as soon as you did that pour cold water into the pot (repeat several times).*
5. Peel off the eggshells.

* The abrupt temeprature change makes it easier to peel the eggshell. Not harming the egg body is important

Step 2: Insert Boiling Water

Things you need for this step:
1. Erlenmeyer flask 
2. Kettle
3. Water

1. Get the water to boil in the kettle
2. Pour the boiling water into the flask

Step 3: Let the Magic Work

Things you need for this step:
1. Peeled egg from step 1
2. Erlenmeyer flask from step 2

1. simply place the egg on the flask opening.
2. wait several seconds.... 1.....2 .....3 ... 
3. poooooof 

What should happen now is presented in the attached video - the egg gets sucked in! cool huh? 

Step 4: The Science Behind the Magic

Well, this is pretty easy to explain. There is two basic facts you need to know in order to understand this:
1. Hot air goes up, cold air goes down (Due to pressure difference)
2. Pressure difference creates force.

In more detail:
when pouring the hot water into the flask the air inside gets heated, therefore, its pressure decreases. The pressure on the outside remains the same. Now we have a pressure difference between the outside of the flask and the inside. Pressure always aspires to be balanced - air wants to go inside the flask, but the egg doesnt allow it. This creates force on the egg. The egg is flexible, a little bit of force makes it transform and squeez down the narrow bottle neck untill... poof, its inside.

Step 5: How to Get the Egg Out?

Now that the trick is over, you are probably wondering how to get the egg out right? 

Its actually pretty easy and can be a trick all on its own. 

*Warning!!!! Make sure to have an adult present while you do this trick!!!

1. Empty the boiling water from the flask.
2. Let the flask cool for a while.
3. Tilt the flask over your head so the egg will cover the opening.
*4. Blow air into the flask as hard as you can (yes blow inside, dont suck the air outside, blow the air into the dlask)
*Warning!!!! the air pops out suddenly and there is a risk of chocking so make sure you have an adult present! 

I'll let you figure out how this one works all on your own. Any ideas? 
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    haha! i remember when i first learned this! only difference was we did it by lighting some paper on fire, dropping it in, then putting the egg on!

    good times, good times...


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, this is how i learned it too. i wanted to do it this way but it was soo messy. this way is much cleaner :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love this! It was one of the first science experiments I ever did.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Me too. dont forget to rank and vote when voting opens :)