Magic Straw Knot - Party Trick

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This is how to make a magic straw knot......

In this video Magic Straw Knot - Party Trick I show you how you can make the incredible magic straw knot to impress your friends and family members.

It is just amazing how easy and fast it is to learn this magic trick.

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Step 1: You Need

2 straws...

Step 2: Start

...take the strwas and make a cross...

Step 3: The Vertical

....take the vertical one and bend it around the you can see at the pics...

Step 4: The Horizontal

...then take the left end from the horizontal one and bend it around the vertical one.( wrap it 1.5 times around so that both ends finished on one side ( Pic No.4)

Now fold the two ends of the vertical one together ...on the other side.

So you've got THE KNOT !!!

Step 5: Magic !!!

...pull them apart and the knot will dissolve in air.

It's MAGIC :-D

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