Magic Trick: Double Lift


Introduction: Magic Trick: Double Lift

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By far probably the easiest magic trick to do, and to catch on to. So be careful!

Step 1: Start to Riffle

Start to riffle shuffle but don't stop half way. Stop at the top of the deck with only two cards left. Make sure all edges are flush!(Together) But make sure your audience doesn't know you have two cards!

Step 2: Selling It

OK now make it believe able. To make it really look like just one card instead of two, give the card a little bend. It will make it less noticeable that there are actually two cards.

Step 3: The Trick!

Now that you have the boring part down, here's where the fun comes in! I will show you two different tricks with the double lift. The first trick is a simple card change. Just double lift, show everyone "the" card (even though you have two) put it on top and tap it or wave you hand around it. Then, pick up the top card and its different! The second trick is making a card jump to the top of the deck. First double lift show everyone "the" card. Then put it on top of the deck. Take the top card (Don't show anyone they think its the one you showed them) and say now I'll put the card in the middle of the deck. Do so, then snap your fingers over the deck and they'll think it jumped from bottom to top! Hope you enjoyed! Leave feedback and follow for more! :)



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