Magic Trick - Make a Coin Disappear

Introduction: Magic Trick - Make a Coin Disappear

Materials - coin, pen, pockets.

Note:  You may want to try this trick alone before performing it in front of others.  It requires a little practice.

Step 1:

Hold coin in one hand with palm open, so all can see.  Hold pen in other hand.

Step 2:

Close hand/make fist with hand with coin (make sure you are standing with coin hand towards people).

Step 3:

Tell all that you are going to make coin disappear.

Step 4:

Tap fist with pen three times (make sure you use big arm movements) but after second time store pen behind ear inconspicuously, returning with open hand.

Step 5:

Open hand to show that coin is still there, but the pen has disappeared!

Step 6:

Explain to all how pen has disappeared by turning and showing pen behind ear.

Step 7:

At the same time, using this as a distraction, subtly slip coin into pocket.

Step 8:

Act as if you are going to start again.  Turn and hold out fist as if coin was still in it.

Step 9:

Tap fist with pen three times.

Step 10:

Open hand to reveal that the coin has disappeared!

Step 11:

After taking in everyone's surprised looks, take a bow.

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