Magic Tube




Introduction: Magic Tube

• In this tutorial i will explain how to create a fake tube and hide valuables like money,jewels....etc.
• It is very simple design and can be done by anyone.
• It is also simple life hack

things needed for this project

• old metallic tube
• cotton
• razor
• screw
• paperclip
• polythene cover
• pliers

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Step 1: Let's Get Started

• unfolding the crimped end using hand.
• using razor make a small opening laterally.
make sure the opening doesn't reaches the ends. because it will blow up the whole plan.
• remove 3/4 of the contents using paper clip or any substitute materials.

Step 2: Make the Hole Bigger

make the hole bigger as per the required item which we are going to insert.
• and make the hole bigger

Step 3: Cleaning the Tube

clean away the medication using a cotton ball

Step 4: Making the Wrapper

use a polythene bag to wrap up the required items, so as there is a great chance of mixing up with medication.

cut out the required piece of polythene

make sure the cover is dry

Step 5: Time to Hide

• wrap the valuables (say paper) using a polythene piece as said above.
• carefully insert the material into the tube. Make sure the edges of tube doesn't get spoiled
• fold the remaining end of the tube and crimp it with pliers.
this should be in such a way that no one should tell the tube is once opened.

Step 6: See the Magic

so by hiding this way, even if some one take this tube and force its medications out your materials are still safe.

Step 7: Taking Out

The hidden item can be recovered by opening the crimped end.
Then using a paper clip we can pull it out.

Step 8:

I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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