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Need a Magical way to polish your teeth so it shines like in the colgate advertisments ?. Well it's really easy and mostly good for kids to try at home and learn practical skills in the process. Well basically this is a special and original idea of a Ice block stick and rubber frictioniser. What happens is when you hold both side of the stick and hold it straight parallel to youir teeth and rub from side to side it actaully polishes your teeth to make it shine after you brush or any time in the day. It's a cheap and effective way to polish.
I thought and thought and really wasted a lot of time on this idea testing and making it so please vote for me and let me win !

Step 1: Materials

Making the Teeth polisher is really really easy and any kid can do it just make sure to be careful with that cutting thing you gonna use.

Materials You need :
ice block stick ( As many as you wanna make)
Packet of rubber band or one
A pair of scissors or thread cutter
A set of un polished teeth
And a inventor Kid

Step 2: Cut the Both Sides

Ok, you have a ice block stick, Now get you pair of scissors or a tread cutter and make a small cut of the middle of the flat edge of the ice block stick. Make is small not to big but enough to let the rubber band pass in.

Step 3: Get the Rubber In

Now you have to get one side of the rubber band into the cut edge of the ice block stick and push it into the gap. Do the same on the other side. Make sure the side are parallel and not twisted.

Step 4: USing It ?

Ok, so you have the polisher made you need to use it right? How may i use it ? ....

Well basically you hold both sides and shown in the photo and move from side to side , up and down your teeth and as for the corners you hold a side of it and let the whole thing in the back and do the same.

Step 5: Use With Something

If you are planning on using it with toothpaste or any other stuff then it is alright to do so. Another thing please use properly and carefully not to damage your teeth and also dispose carefully.

Thanks and yeah vote for me.



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