Magic Magnetic Wall




Introduction: Magic Magnetic Wall

A really easy, fun and cheap way to organize your images, prints and pictures is to create a magnetic wall. It's a little bit magical, because you don't see how the magnets are attached to the wall.

Step 1: Equipment

Forget expensive magnetic paint or large magnetic boards, the only things you need are some metal rings or circles, double sided tape and magnets.
Attach the rings or circles to the wall with the tape. I randomly divided about twenty rings to the wall, but you can also choose for a more equal and straight division.

Step 2: The Result

For me this is the perfect way to organize my inspiration and images and prints of projects I'm working on and to decorate my wall at the same time!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a nice idea but I don't like using tape on the walls. Tape tends to rip up the top surface of the wall when it is removed. Steel thumbtacks work very nicely for the same purpose and when you decide to take them down or move them, they leave only a small pin hole that is easy to patch and cover. Also, people would usually tend to stick these metal parts up haphazardly and then later regret their placement. I would suggest using a large sheet of craft paper and making a crossing line pattern on the paper. Then hold it up on the wall, tape it in place temporarily and stick a push pin through at each intersection of the lines. Take the paper down and attach your steel washers or thumb tacks at each push pin hole in the wall. Move the paper to the next area and reuse to mark more spots on another area of the same wall or a different wall. You could even paint the steel attachment points to match the wall.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Bought some magnets the other day because I had a similar idea, but I was't able to think it through until now. Thank you :)


    5 years ago

    thanks to u my wall looks awesome