Magic Mirror Powered by Solar Panel :)



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This instructable is based on an existing cheap lighting system powered by a solar panel which is recharging as well 3 x 1.2volts battery!

So what you need:
-20 leds
-mirror film (maybe the most difficult stuff to find just go in a huge  DIY store) Take care for this one it is sold in big roll !
-a mirror
-a power supply
-a plexiglass sheet at the same size of the mirror or slightly bigger!! :)
-2 small magnet balls


Step 1: Open the Solar Light!

So there were just few screw to remove to take all the devide and then just need to test the solar panel to see if it is all right!

Step 2: Leds Soldering and Box Insertion!

then you need to solder all 15 leds in a circuit and link it to the existing one powered by the solar panel!

After you just need cardboard to fix your led in a rigid structure!

For a better and stronger render just create a wood frame to the tailored size!

Put the mirror behind leds!

Step 3: The Full Circuit!

all leds are soldered together and the power suplly come from the existing circuit!!

Step 4: The Final Result!

Step 5: The Bonus

Where are magnet ?
I create a magnet power supply totally useless but just for fun !
See the comments on pictures :)

Step 6: You Say Finition?!

It is not necessarly finished regarding the final design but I will integrate it soon in a better box or in an other project!

The aim here is now that you know to create a magic mirror!

Have a nice try and share your DIY!





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