Magical Lighted Children's Corner

Introduction: Magical Lighted Children's Corner

Every child likes a special place to play. If you add some lights, you create a magical place to play. Let the adventures begin:)

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Step 1: (Before) Some Pressure Led Lights on a Shelf

Not so long ago I sticked a few pressure ledlights on a shelf. My children were vey enthousiastic. They can turn the lights on and off themselves.

Step 2: (After) Add a Few Christmaslights and the Magic Happens;)

With the Christmas holiday coming up, we added some extra lights and decoration to the shelf. Now my children were extremely enthusiastic.

Step 3: Materials Needed

  1. Christmas lights string
  2. Scotch tape
  3. Christmas decorations, like balls, stars, iciclesetc.
  4. Bauble brackets

Step 4: Tape the Lights on the Shelf

Step 5: Decorate the Christmas Lights String

Step 6: (Additional) Add a Small Christmas Tree & Some Small (fake) Presents

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