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Introduction: Magical Location Clock

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!!This is my first instructable. I will be refining this after the contest as necessary but for now, here it is!
I got the idea from a popular book and movie (I’m sure you can guess!). Combining Google Latitude with NOAA and Arduino and we can make some magic!

1. Arduino
2. Adafruit motor shield
3. Cheap clock (one that goes tick/tock not a nice smoothe moving clock).
4. 2 Diodes

1. Soldering Iron
2. Pliers
3. Scissors
4. Computer
1. Arduino IDE
2. .Net framework
3. Notepad or Excel
4. Google latitude account
5. Web browser

Follow the photos and solder 2 leads onto the coil contact of the clock. Be sure to be very careful as you pull the clock apart, I suggest taking lots of pictures in case you forget how it goes together. I used the worst $10 soldering iron on the planet to solder wires on so whatever you have should work. To pass the wires through the original casing I used the iron to burn a hole in the back.

Wire the clock into your motor shield + arduino. The sketch works with motor port 1 (M1). I added some diodes between each motor contact and ground as suggested by .

Use the arduino software to upload Clock.pde to your arduino. To test it open up the serial monitor. It will identify itself every second. To move the clock 2 seconds type a single ‘t’.

Next you need to decide on your statuses. If you like the ones I chose just download the image and print it. My local print store printed this in full color for less than 50 cents. If you want to make your own grab my power point and download the font at .

Download the software zip file and extract it. You should see 2 .csv files in there. We will need to edit those.

If you want Mortal Peril you will need to login . Enter your city. Click “Hazardous Weather.” Copy that URL and edit MortalPeril.csv .

To setup latitude login to google latitude and navigate to . Enable your public badge.
NOTE!!!! Do not give this out to anyone, it contains your exact location. What we need here is your userid. That will be in the badge html code.
<!-- Google Public Location Badge -->
<iframe src="[GET YOURIDHERE]&type=iframe&maptype=roadmap" width="180" height="300" frameborder="0"></iframe>
<!-- To disable location sharing, you *must* visit and disable the Google Public Location badge. Removing this code snippet is not enough! -->

Edit latitude.csv and find replace [USERID] with your userid. Fill in the keywords as appropriate. How it works is that the program pulls your location from google latitude then pushes that data back to google to determine what is nearby. If your keyword is found then it detects you are there. You can enter multiple keywords for different statuses (see shopping).

Startup the software and give it a whirl. It should find your arduino automatically and start moving things accordingly.

The source is included if you need to debug it.

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    3 years ago

    Can you do more than 1 person i want to do 3


    4 years ago

    Awesome! I had this idea and I said to myslef: "I'm quite sure somebody have done it before... let me check instructables" and here it is. Exactly what I was looking for. As soon as I make it I will post pictures. Excellent job! Thank you so so so much!