Magical Message in a Bottle

Introduction: Magical Message in a Bottle

Sand Art is so popular at the moment and this creative project gives a fun twist to both sand art and a message in a bottle. Send a special invitation or love note with this adorable magical message in bottle. Who wouldn't love to receive this special invite?

ACTÍVA Colored Sand in desired color(s)

Tall bottle

Ribbons, twine, cords

Small shells


Paper and pen

Washi tape

Cork or cap for bottle

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Step 1: Add Your Sand and Decorations

Fill the bottom up with one inch of sand.

Add a second color of sand, glitter or whatever you like.

It’s fun to add small shells and pebbles too!

Step 2: Write Your Invitation

Write your note and roll it up so it’s nice and skinny. Seal with a piece of tape.

Drop your note into the bottle and top with cork or cap.

Step 3: Decorate the Top of the Bottle

Decorate the neck of the bottle with ribbons and cord tied on.

Step 4: Deliver Your Invitation

Deliver your invitation by hand or in a mail box!

Designed by Candie Cooper

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