Magical Princess/Superhero Power Ring

Introduction: Magical Princess/Superhero Power Ring

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Ready to save the prince or blast into Outer Space? Then you need a magical princess/superhero power ring. It is a must for the next time you don your super suit or shiny tiara.

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Step 1: Start Your Printer!

Use transparent filament or glow-in-the-dark transparent filament and start printing. I use the Imade 3D Jellybox to print lots of these for our students. You can find the files on Thingiverse at These threads are universal to work with a U.S. 2-liter soda bottle.

Step 2: Circuits for Starters

This a great introduction project for circuit building. We give our students an LED and 3V coin battery and let them figure out how to make it light up. This is a great project for students, very inexpensive!

For the whole project, you'll need:

1 LED (I prefer 5mm LED RGB Slow flashing

1 3V 2032 coin battery

1 brad

1 wide rubber band

1 3D printed part

1 2-liter soda bottle cap (paintable, try shiny gold or silver)

1 piece of tape, electrical or painters

Scissors and a drill

Step 3: Build Your Circuit

Attach your LED like shown in the pictures. It helps to roll the LED legs over the side of the battery to bend the curve. Tape it up.

(Sidenote: I tried a few ways to add a small switch to the circuit, but couldn't find a simple to avoid some difficult soldering for students. Let me know if you have any ideas.)

Step 4: Build the Ring!

Insert the LED and battery into the 3D printed ring head. Put aside.

Take the band and roll it around your preferred figure to find your size. Mark and cut as needed. Roll and overlap the band and poke the brad through the band to make a loop. Flip the rubber band loop so that the sharp point of the brad is poking out.

Take your 2-liter soda cap and drill a hole through the middle of the cap using a bit wide enough to fit the brad. Slide the brad end through the bottom of the cap and spread the legs of the brad to secure. Screw the ring top into cap.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Ready to power down your ring? Just unscrew the cap and and unwrap the tape. All parts can be stored in the ring for the next time you need it.

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