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Introduction: Magical Sorting Hat Star Light Cutter Project

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The real magic of this quick project is that it's a great way to make the most of an led tealight. The "sorting hat" thing is just an extra excuse to enter the competition - really, make any shape you want.
Apart from a little glue-gun work, what we are making is sort of a 3D jigsaw.

Digital cutter
Glue gun


1 sheet (A4 or US letter) black card, 300gsm
2 sheets (A4 or US letter) clear acetate, 300gsm
Battery powered tealight with "clear flame"
Sticky Tape
The svgs are designed for a 38mm diameter tealight, they're in the zip file below.

Step 1: Cut the 3 Svg Files - the Material to Use Is in the File Name.

These are the pieces you'll have.
When you remove them from the sticky mat, the acetate pieces will need cleaning. Use a silicone based furniture polish.

Sort the pieces into their sets of identical shapes.

Step 2: Turn on Your Glue Gun.

Place the card ring on the tealight, followed by the acetate ring.

Using that as the brim, turn on the light and add glue to the "flame", to make a sorting hat shape, no more than 20mm tall.

Step 3: Making the Clear Acetate Star

Take the 2 shorter sets of clear shapes and place them in pairs, like in the first image. 4 teeth to the left, 3 teeth to the right.

Join the pairs together, starting at the top. They join like a zip. Then connect them at their bases, to make this star shape - a 3 fits into a 4.

Step 4: Completing the Star

Now add the five longer pieces, to give a third side to each point of the star and

complete the outside of the star shape.

Step 5: Adding the Card Outer

Take the piece with two rows of holes and fix the acetate star to it by locating the sets of three teeth into the inner, smaller holes.

Step 6: Take the Set of Five Identical Card Shapes

Locate the sets of three teeth into the holes on the assembled piece.

Pay attention to keeping them facing the right way, so that you can join them to one another at the sides.

Step 7: Add the Second Base Piece

There are holes for a hanger - make sure they line up on both pieces.

Locate the teeth on the outer card shade into the holes, then tweak them outwards.

Step 8: To Finish

Fix the hexagon shaped piece to the light with tape - this stops the tealight slipping through.

Thread some wire through the holes to make a suitable hanger, then switch on your light and enjoy getting the most output ever from an led tealight!

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    4 years ago

    Looks great! Hope did you come up with the flat slotted design for cutting the 3D petals in acetate?

    Poly Facets
    Poly Facets

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you :)
    I love to design light projects to build in card but joins can be a problem. Since I got a plot-cutter it's much easier to design things which are more like a 3D jigsaw and the joins become part of the design.


    4 years ago

    What a great looking project!

    Poly Facets
    Poly Facets

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you :)