Maglite Flashlight Organization

Introduction: Maglite Flashlight Organization

This instrucrable shows a simple way to organize maglites. I personally like maglites and have about 8 or so and was always faced with the problem of finding them when I need them. So I created this semi-portable flashlight storage system. 

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Step 1: Buy or Make Clips

Now you can either buy clips for each maglite or you can make some sort of holder yourself out of pvc pipe. Once I got my clips I decided to put them on a nice peice of wood so I can remove all of them at once with clips and all to move the entire board to a new location. I screwed the board to the wall with one screw on the top and bottom. I originally wanted to have some sort of quick release on the whole board but after trying a few things I realized that the force it takes to remove a light from a clip will tear the entire thing off the wall if not secured properly.

Step 2: All Finished

Now just put on all of your flashlights and never go hunting for them again when you really need them. Also you could have painted the board whatever color you wanted but I left mine unpainted so I could paint it the same color as my room when I got around to painting it.

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