Maglite Belt Holster for All Big Maglites


Introduction: Maglite Belt Holster for All Big Maglites

Hi i'm gona show you how to make Maglite belt holster.

Items you will need:
Tape(black electric tape make it look cool)(i used white tape becose im out of black electric)
about long 27cm electric cable(black make it look nicer)

Step 1: Cutting

Cut you'r electric cable to 27cm(10,6 inch) long.

Step 2:

Make you'r electric cable to shape of circle and tape heads together. Leave some room where fits keyring.

Step 3: Tape

Then place your keyring to centre of tapes and turn head over keyring and tape.

Step 4: Using

You can out it on you'r belt, place it  ceiling of  tent and use it even as pistol holster(my usp fit just perfect)



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