Magnet Belt Hanger (Dorm Life)

Introduction: Magnet Belt Hanger (Dorm Life)

Living on campus in the dorms can be pretty tight for space, especially if you have two room mates. My desk is usually somewhat scattered and it would be nice to have only what need to be flat to be sitting on it. My belt is not one of these items. It must be hung.

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Step 1: Requirements

A. fabric belt, typically the type sold by skater oriented clothing stores.
B. 4  1/2"x1/8"x1/16" N42 magnet bars (purchased mine form K&J Magnetics)
C. Gorilla Super Glue
D. Some type of desk to hang the belt from

Step 2: Magnet Placement

Because I usually store my belt by folding it twice (quarter length), I wanted by magnets to also hold it in this position. I glued the first to the tip of the inside portion of the buckle. Most fabric belts also have a metal clip which prevents unraveling. This attached nicely to the first magnet. The second magnet should be placed on the outside of the belt, just past the middle fold crease closer to the clip side. This will attach to the metal clip previously described. This may not be aesthetically pleasing to some, but I don't mind. 

I don't believe magnet orientation has to be too strict since the magnets aren't attaching to each other, but just in case, orient the two so that they attract in the final fold position.

Step 3: Magnet Hanger

I used two magnets for this part and glued them directly on to the wood of my bed. This will not be appreciated by housing if discovered so you might want to consider just duct taping them to the bed. 
Again, the orientation shouldn't matter as far as attaching the belt. Just make sure they are glued lengthwise. 

That's about it.

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