Magnet Checklist

Introduction: Magnet Checklist

Make a crafty checklist to make sure you are perfectly organised!

Step 1: Materials

4 Magnet balls

2 sheets of felt

1 needle embroidery thread

ruler/measuring tape

4 pins

Step 2: Cut Out Materials

First cut out 1 (11x11cm) square of the colour felt of your choice, (remember that the felt mustn't be too thick otherwise the magnets won’t be strong enough and instead of the magnets keeping it up it will just fall) and you also have to cut out a smaller square of the white felt (10x10cm)

Step 3: Ink on White

first, using pen write on everything you need to do! make sure the lettering is clear.

Step 4: Embroider Away

Then embroider on the things you need to do eg. Get dressed, collect keys, etc. this should be done on the white sheet, if you can’t embroider then you can simply leave it as pen instead. (if you don't embroider it save 25 minutes)

Step 5: Pin It to the (colour of Your Choice)

Pin the embroidered (or penned) sheet onto the sheet of the colour of your choice

Step 6: Stitch Them Together, Read Next Step Before Finishing This Step

Next start to sew the white sheet onto one of the sheets in the colour of your choice. Using back stitch or running stitch around the edge of the white sheet onto the other.

Step 7: Magnets Here We Come

As you come across a corner while you are stitching put in your magnet ball and very tightly sew up the edges. Do this for all of the corners until you finish.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Finally when every corner is stitched and every things is closed up you are done. You can stick it on your fridge or on a radiator. Anywhere magnetic! (you can throw it and stick it on the fridge, that could be another project, a ninja star weapon that sticks to the microwave!)

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