Magnet Corkboard Tiles

Introduction: Magnet Corkboard Tiles

A 6x6 inch square corkboard tile for your fridge, locker, anything metal.

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Step 1: Cork Tiles

The cork tiles came with stickies to mount them to a wall but I wanted them on a fridge or school locker and NOT permanent so I came up with this idea.

One tile is just a bit too thin for thumbtacks so you'll need two squares to make one cork board.

Step 2:

I bought 3/4 inch magnets at Michaels. This is a 50 pack.

Step 3: Drilling

Because I was using 3/4 inch magnets I took a 3/4 inch drill bit and oh so gently made a 3/4 inch hole in each corner of ONE tile. I used an old cutting board to drill into. Stop when you just break through and you then can break off the inside with your fingers what small amount is left. If you drill right through you risk breaking the corner.
The drill makes a nice even hole. I'm sure you can use an exacto knife if you don't have a drill.

Step 4: Insert Magnet

Insert your magnet to make sure it fits.

Step 5: Gluing

First glue the two tiles together without the magnets in place, ensuring all around the edges are glued. Then glue the magnet in place.  The magnet should fit flush.

Step 6: Stick on Your Fridge

Your corkboard tile is done.  I made the fabric covered thumbtacks because they are the perfect length for the corkboard.

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    This is a really great idea! I will be making some of these for my fridge and for my child's locker. I'm sure he will get a kick out of it :0)