Magnetic Knife Holder




Introduction: Magnetic Knife Holder

This instructable is for creating an easy to make magnetic knife holder. This is geared towards people who do not want to buy an existing knife holder and may want to use the extra tape for other projects or instructables.

Magnetic Tape

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Step 1: Cutting the Magnets to Length

Step 1: Cut one magnet to the length you want it, cut another one the same size. It is easy cut the first one to the length you want and then stick it to the fridge.

Step 2: Repeating Step 1

Step 2: Do step 1 again and strip off the paper and connect the sticky sides.

Step 3: Placing on Fridge

Step 3: Apply to fridge as shown in the image above.

This design is made to be able to be adapted to other shapes and uses. I also will be moving soon so I just kept the design as simple as possible.

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    Not sure if anyone's interested, but I've been doing this with hardwoods, particularly exotic hardwoods, and rare earth magnets (haven't been using hdd magnets). For those that are interested I have a post on it on my blog:

    fyi: I found that the wood that remains in front of the magnet significantly lessens it's pull strength. I've been using 50 lb pull - rated magnets for my knife strips and am confident that will hold just about any knife.