Magnet Wire Motor Masco G22

Introduction: Magnet Wire Motor Masco G22

Magnet Wire Motor

Step 1: Objective

The objective of this project is to use simple materials to create a motor that will make a coiled wire spin.

Step 2: Materials and Tools


1. About an arm's length of 26 gauge magnet wire with enamel covering

2. Two (2) rubber bands

3. Two (2) large paper clips

4. One (1) D size battery

5. One (1) magnet


1. An exacto knife or wire cutters

2. Sandpaper

Step 3: Bending the Paper Clips

Straighten the long side of the paper clip. Leave one end as is. At the opposite end, create a "U" shape with the end. Both paper clips should end up looking similar to the picture.

Step 4: Building the Base of the Motor

For this step you will need the battery, the two rubber bands, and the bent paper clips. Place each paper clip on each flat side of the battery, the "U" shape you created should be pointing up. Use the rubber bands to secure the paper clips by wrapping them around the battery and paper clips. This will serve as a holder for the coiled wire later.

Step 5: Coiling the Wire

Next, take the magnet wire and begin to make a circle with it. Continue to do this until you have about 3” left on both sides. Take this extra wire and coil it around the sides to secure it. Stop when you have about 2” left. If it is too long after coiling, cut it down, but not too much, with the pliers or exacto knife.

*Try to make the points where the wire is wrapped around the sides at the halfway point of the circle*

Step 6: Shaving the Enamel

In this step, you will need your sandpaper and keep your pliers/ exacto knife near by. On one side of the circle, take the straightened wire and use the sandpaper to shave off the red enamel on both sides of the wire. Repeat this on the other side but only shave off the bottom half. Do NOT shave the enamel off the top of the second side.

Step 7: Finalizing the Motor

Lastly, place the magnet on the top of the battery and rest the two straightened wire pieces on the “U” shaped paper clips. The magnet wire should start to move a little bit. Tap the coil so it spins and the magnet should keep it spinning.

Step 8: Troubleshooting

If your magnet wire does not spin as it should you can fix it by:

1. Making sure that the enamel is completely shaved off. The enamel will prevent the flow of electricity so be sure it’s completely shaved off

2. Move the paper clips closer to the magnet. By lowering the paper clips, you are making the wire closer to the magnet which will cause the magnet to have a stronger pull on the wire.

3. Sometimes giving it a tap to get it started will help start the initial movement

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is awesome! I remember making one when I was a kid! I think a video or a GIF of this would be awesome!