Magnet Wire Motor Masco G34

Introduction: Magnet Wire Motor Masco G34

Magnet Wire Motor Design

By: Drew Prouty

Step 1: Supplies Needed Before Beginning:

  1. Arms length of magnet wire
  2. Two new paper clips
  3. One “D” Battery
  4. A Rubber Band
  5. Some Magnets
  6. 100 Grit Sandpaper
  7. One pair of pliers

Step 2: Setup Materials

  • Make sure you an organized work area with all of your materials laid out in a neat group.

Step 3: Paper Clip Formation

- Lay out your two paper clips like picture one.

- Grab the inside loop hole and bend it back so it creates Something like picture two.

- Now Bend the longer side in half so it creates a hook like shape as in picture three.

Step 4: Wire Construction

- Lay out your arms length wire onto a flat surface (Use Pliers to cut wire initially).

- Now take your D battery and wrap the Wire around it, creating a neat circle. To do this, start wrapping your wire around the battery starting in the middle as you must have some excess wire on both ends of the battery.

Step 5: Wire Construction Cont.

- Once the wire is coiled around the battery, carefully pull the wire up and off the battery making sure it doesn’t come apart. To get the wire to stay together, carefully wrap the ends of the wire that you left in the part above through the center of the hole and around four or five times on both sides to create a nice seal and something like this:

- Once you have that completed, grab your sandpaper and completely sand one side of the wire (all the way around) and only half of the other side. Your wire now should be ready to function if you followed correctly.

Step 6: Battery Setup

- Take your D battery and simply wrap the rubber around it vertically twice to create a nice seal for the paper clips.

- Now place your newly constructed paper clips on either side of the flat ends of the battery so that they are perpendicular to the table you're using and the “Hook Side” is facing up as seen in picture two.

Step 7: Magnet Placement

- Place your magnet in between the two paper clips on top of the battery so that the magnet is almost in the dead center shown here:

Step 8: Wire Placement

- Place the newly created wire on the constructed battery with both ends sticking out the the center on either end of the paper clips causing the wire to start spinning!

Step 9: Adjustments and Balancing

- If your wire doesn’t begin to spin, don’t panic just a few adjustments possibly need to be made.

- First, trying sanding some more of each end of the wire to get a more consistent flow of energy.

- Next, try moving the magnet up and down the battery to find a spot to get your wire spinning consistently.

- Finally, if you have shaved too much of the enamel off the magnet wire that will cause your motor not to spin and just end up wasting all of the batteries life.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done. Looks like a great, simple project!