Magnet Geocaching Container...

This is my instructable on how to make a eclipse mint cache container...

Step 1: What You Will Need..

Ok this is what you will need:

A smail pen you have my geo-pen

A container metel is required.. I am using a eclips mint box...

A printed log with 132 spots for people to sign.

2 smail magnets... the stronger the better i am using magnets that are not rely strong but they still hold enough. if you use the metal coated magnets u have a better magnet.

A metal location for your cache to live at...

Step 2: Put in the Magnets...

Now we need to put one of the magnets in at the botton.

Then 1 at the tip top.

Step 3: Add a Log...

Now it is time to add a log have fun...

you will need to download and print this file.


Step 4: Add a Mini Pen...

ok so when our finder comes he or she will need a pen if they did not bring there own pen so be nice and add a mini pen to that empty spot in the cache.

P.S you might even fit some trade or money in here.

Step 5: Hide Your Cache.

ok this cache can be hidden any spot that there is metal but you would like to put this in a dry area so rain does not get the log..

this cache does not rely need the magnets if you want to put this under a rock or under a spot that is not metal...

Step 6: Join My Group



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3 years ago

The cache remains tight ?


My partner uses the magnets that you can find in an old/broken computer hard drive. They work brilliantly. Hope this helps :o)


8 years ago on Introduction

Where would you buy stronger magnets at? (I got some from home depot but would rather have better ones)

1 reply

they have some little super magnets at walmart in the crafts section i have used them for a variety of projects and they work realy well

up date the magnet has been replaced so that now i have a much stronger hold this is not an evil cache so that the finder will find it harder to get it to get the log out to sign... evil, hehe, good luck for them...


the magnets are on the side of the tin and this cache can now be plased any spot that a key cache could be plased. the magnets should be betta than what i used but they are good enough... the magnet force goes throught the tin and holds on teh metal object.. the magnet also holds the lid in plase when open... the magnet also holds the pen and log in place... the log has a bread tie that is help by the magnet... is tht what you were asking i just diddnt understand what u were asking i just cant c what the question is this is just a guess for my answers for what you are asking me.. chears


I meant what sort of places would stick this (no, not a great question sorry) - I was thinking about trees and stuff at the time, rather than mailboxes & lamp posts etc. Thanks for the details L


Actually, if you use a plastic container, the magnets will hold it to a magnetic surface much more strongly than you experience here.