Magnet Joints for Delta Printer

Introduction: Magnet Joints for Delta Printer

About: My name is Luis, I am from Barcelona and for the last years I've developed a curious obsession merging food and rapid prototyping. To have a unique and customized eating experience.

This instructables explains how I upgraded my delta magnetic arm joints with stronger magnets.

My previous joints has been working perfectly for over almost 2 years, I had no issue with them and I would recommend them since for me has been just a great experience. Recently I added a new syringe to my extruder collection that required stronger magnets to hold it in place. So that is what this instructable is about, hope you enjoy it. Also is my first. Lots to learn :)

Parts list:

  • Carbon fiber rods 8mm od
  • 10x10x10mm N52 neodimium magnets
  • Tape

Finished arms maybe some video printing too...hummus!!

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Step 1: Preparing Arms

First thing to do is to cut the 6 carbon fiber arms with same length. Depending on your delta dimension you might change the lenght in this case I choosed 25cm.

I already had the steel balls epoxied to some screws. I recommend this method, since for me it has last for almost two years, and it still has a strong bond.

To be able to insert the screw all the way in the arm end, I had to clean the epoxied bond with a knife.

Cut the "hat" of a 5mm wall plug and trim their "flippers"/"wings". This will ease their way into the arms.

Protect the ends of the arms with some tape to avoid getting splits on the carbon fiber rods (this is pretty easy to happen so be careful)!

Screw the steel ball into the cutted plug and with lots of love insert them into the arm end. Again, please take time to trim properly the plugs, this will avoid damaging the arms, but also do not trim too much or you will get a loosy joint. This is a feeling built. Don't worry you will get good at it, you need 12 of them ;)

Step 2: Carriage and Endeffector

Print the new carriage and end effector. I totally recommend to spend some time adapting your design to your printer, since that is what always works best for me :) Attached openscad files.

I use magnets to hold my extruder tools, this worked great to do some automatic exchange tool. But this time I added three extra tiny 3mm screws, to be used as block pins for the tools. Also if needed, could help to get extra grip for the tools by adding some nuts.

Hope this instructable is useful for you to jump into build your own magnetic joints for your delta printer :)

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    Oooo looks like the magnets work perfectly in their new home! It's awesome that you upgraded your current printer yourself!