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Introduction: Magnetic Chalkboard

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Do you want to organize your bills and notes? to have them all together and at the same time to write down more notes??? Then learn how to create a Magnetic ChalkBoard!

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Step 1: Materials


- Paint Brush

- Canvas

- Magnetic Paint

- Paint for black chalkboard

- Color

Step 2: Process

The process is really easy but you are going to need in total 2-3days, because you have to wait for each paint to dry. First of all use the magnetic paint and use it three times on the canvas. Let it dry every time before you use it again.

Then use the black chalkboard paint for another 2-3 times. There will be no problem to use it above the magnet paint if this is dried.

When the chalkboard paint dries also, use your favorite color to make geometric schemas or whatever you want. I just painted the two corners of the canvas.Ready!!!!

Step 3: Ready!

The chalkboard is already in my kitchen in the "favorite" full of crafts corner I have decided to make.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Such a cool and simple idea! I never knew that magnetic paint was a thing!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Actually is a new product and I also discover it lately. But it is really simple to use and of course you can use it for more decor ideas!
    Thank you for your comment!