Magnetic Gate




Difficulty of realization 6/10

Step 1: How It Work

Magnetic gates are truly fascinating, I had fun doing this experiment because it seems to have extracted energy from nothing, the mythical free energy. As we all (hopefully) know the energy is not created out of thin air. In this experiment, in fact, at the moment when I put the rotor in the balancing point, I load potential energy in the system. This energy is released as kinetic energy in the moment in which i touch the rotor.

In the pictures over here I have tried to outline the forces at play in the different rotor positions. In fact the magnetic fields have complex shapes and the forces are not so simple.

In the second experiment of the video, I inserted 6 rotors in the road of magnetic gates , and the kinetic energy is transferred between the rotors due to the magnetic repulsion.

Step 2: How It Make

to build the first experiment i used:

24 neodymium cubes 12mm
1 rod magnet 40x10 mm
2 steel ball 12.5 mm
1 screw for forniture
2 balls magnet 12.5 mm

for the second experiment:

440 rectangle magnets 4x4x15 mm
6 rod magnets 4x25 mm
12 balls magnet 5mm
2 iron rod 1m

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I don't see the point in repeating the single gates. What the first gate adds on impulse to the moving magnet is taken away by the next gate before adding the impulse once again.

    1 reply
    Magnetic GamesThomasK19

    Reply 2 years ago

    Your analysis is correct, I just added more gates to make the most interesting experiment by adding the effect of repulsive wave. In the second experiment I have also used the maximum number of gates that did not allow the friction forces to prevail. With a greater number of gates the rotor fails to go off the last gate because of the friction forces.