Magnetic Globe Knot

Introduction: Magnetic Globe Knot

A globe knot is very similar to a monkey fist but instead of 6 sides it has 18 sides. In this guide ill be making a 18sided globe knot with a 3/4in Neodymium magnetic sphere as the center. What this will result in is a pretty knot that is also a strong magnet, this is useful in say storing keys where you can just place them against any metal surface(fridge, car, etc) and they will stick. Makes a great gift.

One word of warning, a neodymium magnet of this size is quite powerful, as you can see from the picture its easily suspending over 24ounces of water and it really can hold a lot more then that, also beware of having a powerful magnet near electronic devices. 

Materials needed
  1. roughly 5ft of leather lace, the size i used was 1/8th inch wide
  2. Magnetic sphere for center
  3. knife/scissors
  4. optional/helpful- needle nose pliers for tightening knot
  5. optional- keychain to attach knot to.
Attached is a PDF that does a much better job in describing how to tie the knot then i can, that said i took pictures of me doing it along the way so you can maybe get a bit of clarification. 
  1. pull out about 5ft of lace 
  2. follow the PDF step 1  where the rope going up your arm is going to the spool and the free end will be pointed away from your hand
  3. Follow the remaining steps on the PDF until you finish step 4
  4. Now gently remove the knot from your hand, and start tightening it up. To do this hold one of the ends(spool or free end) and then pull out a bit of slack going towards the other end and do this until your knot is just bigger then the magnet
  5. At this point it should look like a sphere itself
  6. Now take your free end insert it along side the lace where the spool end enters the knot(in step on the part going up your arm)
  7. Now go though the whole not again pulling the free end beside the spool end.
  8. You will wind up with this 18 sided not that has two lace strands going though it you can go though 3+ timea if you want
  9. At this point it should still be fairly loose, so put the magnetic ball in the center of the knot
  10. Now go back and retighten the knot again like you did in step 4 but this time even tighter this will take some time
  11. Once you are done either trim off the ends close to the knot, or tie them(like i did) to make a loop

Tying knots is a hard thing to try to describe, if there is any confusion please feel free to ask questions ill do my best to answer them. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! It might also be helpful if you include a step by step with accompanying photos. Looks great!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Well i tried to do that originally, but to be honest its complex enough that the PDF makes alot more sense to follow then my step/step photos