Magnetic Gun/Metal Object Holster





Introduction: Magnetic Gun/Metal Object Holster


This is a magnetic gun holster for a metal gun or other metal object. The one I made goes around your back like a quiver, but it's just a belt so you can put it around your waist too.

It works by having two or more magnets on a belt, and you just put the metal object touching the magnets and it sticks.

Scrap computer hard drive - Will be unusable as hard drive afterwards
Belt, or some other type of strap
Tape - Something thin like packing tape or only one or two layers of duct tape, if it is too thick the magnet will not work well

Scissors, for cutting tape
Gun, or whatever you will be the using the holster for, to test it

Step 1: Get the Magnets

First, get the hard drive. Remember, you are disassembling it, and after that it will not work at all, ever, so make sure it's an old crappy one that no one will miss.

To take it apart you can use a flathead screwdriver that fits perfectly, or use an actual Torx screwdriver which is the kind of screw in hard drives. I took this hard drive apart a while ago, so I can't provide a detailed walkthrough, but this page might be helpful.

Take It Apart dot net - Hard Drive

Some drives, like the one I used, don't come apart as easily as the one on that site, I had to pry apart the seal which was really hard.

Once you have the drive open, unscrew the magnets from the shell. There are some other useful parts in there too, like the platters (shiny circle things), where the actual data is written on to. If the magnets are attached to a small flat piece of metal on one side, don't worry about it, this will help protect them (some magnets are very fragile).

Step 2: Attach the Magnets to the Belt

Now get the belt, tape and magnets. Put the belt around your shoulder like a quiver and mark the places where you want the magnets to be with tape or a pen or something (remember, you want the buckle on your chest). Take off the belt, then place a magnet on the mark (with the ends of the magnet on either side of the belt), and wrap tape around it twice or so (no more than twice with duct tape). Make sure the magnets aren't too far apart or it will be hard to put the gun on both, 3-5 inches is good, and try to attach flat parts of the gun to the magnets when putting it on. They can't be too close either or the gun will pivot around on them.

Step 3: How to Use

To put the gun on the holster, just put it on your back, it might take a little bit of practice to get it attached to both magnets quickly.

To take it off, DO NOT slide it out as if it were a sword, this can scratch the gun and takes more time and space to do. The right way is to put your hand on the hilt, and bend it over your shoulder, something like if you're hauling a sack o' taters.



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    9 Discussions

    Would this be able to hold something 5-8.5 lb.?

    you better make sure you have strong magnets - not enough and it falls. (make sure you make the magnets stronger than needed, to compensate for vibrations and jerks when you walk or move around with it on)

    1 reply

    Hard drive magnets are extremely strong. I could swing the belt around really fast with the gun attached, and it would not come off.

    yes I had a red ryder way back when learned to shoot with one , lol and I do have both eyes , I still would like to try this with my sons Chipmunk tho at 13 and 6'3" he has out grown the gun , I think it is a good idea to add the magnets to a belt or suspenders slung over the shoulder to hold small things like screws or fish hooks when working away from a bench ..... be safe and practice practice and add more practice ...look up shooting aspirin out of the air with a bb gun and give that a try and just have fun with your firearm and again be safe ......

    2 replies

    6'3"? Holy crap, does he have giantisis? Just my airsoft pistol fires BB's, the Daisy just makes a sound.

    LOL No just a tall family , I did try the Chipmunk on 4 hard drive magenets stuck to the wall in the garage and it felt like it would slip not enough steel left to add more , the P32 did stay with 1 but at 6 oz unloaded I was sure it would .If the Airsoft is accurate enough try coins in the air

    Have you tried it with a real gun I just cant see a few ( no matter how strong )magnets holding a 39.7 oz ( unloaded ) S&W model 25 or a full size 1911 it may work well on this...I may try this on my sons single shot Chipmunk .22 hung in front and unloaded..It is a good idea but I do worry about safety with a firearm slung over your shoulder..maybe slung in front of your body like thisor this

    1 reply

    I've never used this with a real gun, I only have my Daisy gun. You might have heard of them, it's a BB gun but they change it to just make a BANG sound when you shoot. I've never used anything more dangerous than a pellet gun, and I have an airsoft gun but I don't I just carry that in a thigh pocket.