Magnetic Helper/Picker Upper- Quick and Easy

About: I like taking stuff apart

Step 1: Materials

shaving razor handle
bottle cork
3 small neodymium magnets ( or 1 bigger one)
super glue
Xacto knife (I used my homemade toothbrush Xacto Knife)

Step 2: Fitting the Cork

 Using an xacto knife, cut off a chunk of the cork, and then trim it to fit in the empty space on the razor handle,

Step 3: Fitting the Magnets

again using an xacto knife cut out a niche for the magnets to sit in so they are snug in the cork.

Step 4: Glueing It All Together

check to make sure everything fits properly. once you are satisfied use super glue to secure everything in place. first the cork into the handle. then the magnets into the cork. at first i tried to glue all 3 magnets in at once but they just bunched together so i glued each one seperately. wait for all the glue to dry to try it out.


Now that you are done, you have yourself a nifty doing all sorts of magnetic things.

Enjoy, be safe, and feel free to leave comments, questions, improvements



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